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  • Michael Cirino


Web2.5 is king. Its the invisible bridge between today's internet and a decentralized digital landscape that will come together in the next 5-10 years.Web2.5 is a training ground. It’s an educational studio. It’s a place where our colleagues can practice and learn in an environment largely free of the friction of big risk.

At HTTN, we refer to Web2.5 as a laboratory. A place to focus on the intense development of an integral part of a larger machine pressing for reliability and sustainability over customization. Picture the glass tunnel built into an aquarium full of sea life.

This is Web2.5: a channel of safety that lets us understand and explore unique and unpredictable contexts via the familiarity of our current digital world.

Web2.5 connects centralized intellectual property holders and content creators with the disparate communities that naturally occur around them: fans; collectors; tribes. These audiences use Web 2.0 technology to gather and amplify their voices. Web2.5 slowly and invisibly replaces the back end technology that supports these communities with expansive, interoperable decentralized technology.

This swapping out of skeletal infrastructure or digital transactions should not be seen or felt by the end-user. That’s why we are so passionate about that Web2.5 is invisible. Web2.5 services the traditions and rituals that audiences hold dear, while offering new value seamlessly and without interruption. Digital rituals that cohere around this new technology continue to move us closer to Web3 and its metaverses of new value not yet imagined or understood.

Web2.5 is the current moment. At HTTN, we’d like to invite you into the laboratory.

Our work helps Web 2.0 brands prepare for their leap into the metaverse. Our work shows Web3 brands and their technologies a path to more humanized, audience-focused connections. Always in the context of creativity. Always, human expertise.

Everyone is making sense of the new digital landscape so that they can make a successful transition.

As marketing experts, we are your stewards.

As digital makers, we are your scribes.

As perpetual creators, we are your energy.

Join us in the laboratory.


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